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Satellite Imagery

Within the aerospace department, in charge of the development of the platform that manages the access and processing of earth observation data (Mundi Web Services), I proposed and developed several use cases and proof of concept using artificial intelligence and satellite image processing. Among these use cases are the following examples:

  • Crop monitoring of the vegetation index via spectral analysis of satellite images 

  • Cloud detection algorithm for Sentinel 2 images

crop monitoring.png

  • Development of several use cases and tutorials using OTB and SNAP docker images, examples of topics supported:

    • Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data fusion for land classification


data fusion.png

  • ​Proposition of a workflow that allows the analysis of potential events such as earthquakes by highlighting the differences between two SAR images of the same portion of the earth's surface taken at different times using the differential SAR interferometry technique

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